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Cloud Excellence,
with SUSE & Krumware
Developer and Operator friendly enterprise cloud infrastructure, delivered with your applications.

Shamelessly open-source

We love SUSE because of their prove-themselves mentality. Features and functions are not hidden behind paywalls and SUSE invests massively in community and knowledge development. With SUSE open source solutions, the path to adoption can start from zero.

Adoptable and adaptable

Enterprises, engineers, and hobbyists alike adopt products SUSE like Rancher, k3s, RKE, Harvester, Longhorn, NeuVector, and many others. Make no mistake, these are enterprise tools that your developers want to use. So why not give them what they want?

Cloud agnostic. Ship everywhere.

SUSE builds solutions to run on any cloud provider, on premise, at the edge, anywhere, it is all supported. SUSE is continously investing in the future of cloud-native, so your eggs are safe in this basket.

Upstream support and contribution

Have you seen a company that fixes bugs in upstream projects (even kubernetes) when providing support for edge cases your environment has exposed? Work with a company that works to make the digital world a better place.
Are you ready for Kubernetes?
Talk with us about our engineering and support strategies today.
Stop wondering, start building.

How Krum helps

Overcome knowledge barriers

Kubernetes has given us the tools we need to gain application-level intelligence and control, but there are initial hurdles to climb. Once overcome, the investment is absolutely worth it. Let us prove it.

Engineer and build in place

Krumware helps build the bridge between your core technical teams and the fundamental technologies needed for cloud-native software and infrastructure development.

Trust your decision making

If you are at the early stage of adoption and evaluation, you may be overwhelmed by your options. These concepts are new, and you need to make an informed decision. Work with Krum to guide and validate your implementation. We will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to rollout and scale

Save time, hit fast forward

Regardless of your "stage" of implementation or readiness, Krumware will help you build a plan of attack by building an understanding of your application architectures and technical capabilities

Stack it up!

Let your teams stay focused on core product. Krum will engineer a solution using your applications, to pull them forward and prepare your team for growth.
Eliminate your hesitation, talk with someone technical.
Humans are standing by to help you get rolling.